Happy Hempers

  • I tried Happy Hemp and I loved it! I can’t believe it tasted so good. I even gave it to my three year old. Brenda-Chicago, IL
  • I have been taking Happy Hemp everyday. I have more energy and have lost almost 20 pounds. Thanks for introducing me to this super seed. Karen-New York, NY
  • Tried one of your recipes today. I am better known better for burning food rather than cooking food. My family was so impressed!!  Carla-San Francisco, CA
  • I thought I knew everything there was to know about health food being a vegetarian!! Love your product. Becky-Arizona
  • I love eating mine straight out of the bag!! Rebecca-Los Angeles, CA


  1. Darren Branch

    Thanks Happy Hemp, I have been using Happy Hemp for several months now and juice with it every morning. Prefer it over flax seed and I dont have to grind it. I feel great and so do my dogs I give it to them daily as well. I cant wait to try your recipes they sound great! Yum! Darren from Santa Fe NM

  2. Kerry Bloom

    I met you at the Farmers Market a few weeks ago and bought two packages of hemp seeds. I love them! In fact, I just ground some up, added it to my french toast dip and made “French Hemp Toast.” My son loved it. I’ve also been adding it to our smoothies in the morning and sometimes have it as a snack all by itself with a little salt. Thanks for enlightening me. I’m trying your hemp turkey burger recipe next.

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